Who Was the Fifth Beatle?

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The question sounds like a mystery - something that would be solved with a game of Clue, perhaps. But there's a laundry list of suspects we can examine who can lay claim...

‘Now and Then’ – the Missing Beatles Single

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In 1995, the surviving Beatles - Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - took two cassette demos from John Lennon's archive and created two masterpieces that appeared on Anthology 1 and...

The Beatles Apart: Ringo Starr

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When the Beatles broke up in 1970, one would naturally fear for dearest Ringo Starr. The other three had established themselves as talented songwriters, but Ringo was, well, Ringo. He was a great...

The Beatles Apart: Paul McCartney

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Perhaps no one in pop music history has been more decorated and recognized than Paul McCartney: Dozens of albums, scores of Top 40 hits, Grammy awards, an Oscar nomination, even a knighthood....
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