‘Now and Then’ – the Missing Beatles Single

In 1995, the surviving Beatles - Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - took two cassette demos from John Lennon's archive and created two masterpieces that appeared on Anthology 1 and 2. It took a lot of work - the demos were in bad shape - but with the help of ELO frontman Jeff Lynne at the production helm, the two singles turned out well, quickly becoming two of my favorite Beatle songs. But what about Anthology 3? Curiously enough, there was a third Lennon demo that the three began work on - a snippet of a song called "Now and Then." It was written while Lennon lived in the Dakota apartment in New York around 1979. Found on an old cassette marked for Paul, it contained that demo and rehearsal of the eerily-named "Grow Old with Me" - a song that would eventually make it on the John Lennon Anthology. ...

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