What if I Don’t Know Anything About the Beatles?

This is a question I’ve gotten a few times from friends who, for some reason, just haven’t listened to the Beatles that much. They wonder whether they’d understand enough about what’s going on, whether they would get the inside nuances that only Beatle fans might understand. Granted, you get more out of the book the bigger the fan you are. You understand all the solo songs that might go on a future Beatles album, and you recognize the bit players in the Beatles’ history. But for the rest of you, not to worry. This book is mainly about Mal Evans and the journey he takes throughout the 1970s. And very little is known about Evans. I have taken great care into trying to describe each song, putting it and each event into its proper context, and giving even non-fans an idea about how all the songs might fit together. I...

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Marketing is Hard.

Each year, over 1 million books are published. That's about 2,700 books every day. About two weeks ago, my book, The Death and Life of Mal Evans, was one of the 2,700 books published that day. Trying to get attention in a market like that is like screaming in a football stadium. I've been screaming so much over the last two weeks I'm hoarse. I've watched my book rise and fall from the new releases charts as a day trader watches stocks - at a chart so sensitive that one purchase can move it 5-6 positions. (Right now it's at #16 because I lowered the price and submitted it to an email list that advertises price breaks in Kindle books. It jumped 24 places. But don't blink - it'll go down 5 notches.) It's maddening - trying to find the secret sauce to selling books on Amazon. You can advertise, give...

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